Third Floor Modern Entertainment Loft

Allie Reed

This amazing entertainment loft overlooking the lagoon at Beachwalk features our Eclipse Frameless Cabinetry in the Metropolitan door style. The designers collaborated with the homeowners to create a fully-equipped, high-tech third floor lounge with a full kitchen, wet bar, wine storage, media center and a custom display wall for the homeowner’s curated collection of sports memorabilia. The creative team incorporated a combination of three wood species and finishes: Maple-Painted Repose Gray (Sherwin Williams color), Walnut-Seagull stain and Poplar-Heatherstone stain into the cabinetry, shiplap and trims. The brushed gold hardware is the perfect finishing touch. This entire third story is now devoted to top-notch entertaining with waterfront views.

photos: Atelier 2721

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